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St. John the Baptist / Holy Trinity Church

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We are the
 St. John The Baptist / Holy Trinity Parish
of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse 

"We the Roman Catholic Christian Community of the Diocese of Syracuse, in response to our baptismal call and nourished by the Eucharist, seek to continue the mission of Jesus Christ by welcoming, supporting and guiding God's family through prayer, sacramental celebration, service and education."

(Diocesan Mission Statement)


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse  















    30th Sunday In Ordinary Time



"The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments." The law of love. That's what Jesus came to establish. In a religious milieu that was often marked by legalism and scrupulosity, Jesus brought a kind of freedom. He reminded us that the laws of religion are made to serve the ultimate goal of love: love for God and love for neighbor.


Think about the Ten Commandments. This classical summary of God's rules for us can be divided into two types of laws. First come the laws about loving God: have no strange gods; don't take the Lord's name in vain; honor the Sabbath. Then come the laws about loving our neighbor: honor your parents; don't kill; don't commit adultery; don't steal; be honest; and don't covet your neighbor's spouse or property. When we follow the law of love that Jesus preaches today, all of this is taken care of.


If we loved God with our whole heart, mind, and soul, for example, there would be no room left for false gods. There would be no bitterness or apathy leading us to disrespect God's name or to fail to worship him as he has asked. Similarly, if we loved our neighbors as ourselves by following the Golden Rule, then we would naturally respect them instead of lying, killing, coveting, or the like.


Ultimately, all the dos and don'ts of the law are just specific guidelines describing what love looks like. This is very helpful for those times when love doesn't come so easily to us. When we struggle with having our heart in the right place, the Ten Commandments give us direction. But as Jesus instructs us today, the goal is to grow in the kind of love that naturally leads us to want to do what's best.






Next weekend, Sunday, November 2, 2:00AM clocks get turned back one hour. FALL BEHIND. Remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.



Oct 7, 2014.



Eucharistic Ministers Needed


SJB/HT is in need of Eucharistic Ministers especially for the Saturday 4:00PM and Sunday 11:00AM Masses. If you are interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister please contact Lori Weir at 766-7886 or Lisa Jones at  530-0924.



Servers To Help With Funerals


We have reached out before with this request and we find that we need to reach out again. SJB/HT is in need of ladies and gentlemen of the parish who are able to help on the altar when a funeral is scheduled as an Altar Server. This does happen at a moments notice so calling upon you will be at a moments notice. Generally I am notified by the funeral director and have at least 2-4 days to prepare. Funerals at this time are during the days, Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. We begin at 9:00AM no later than 10:30AM. Training will be provided. We ask that you dress business casual. This is a volunteer position. Please inquire with the office at 478-0916 for further information. Thank You for your consideration

               Mass Schedule                

Mon., Tues. & Fri.—12:00 Noon

Saturday Vigil—4:00 pm
Sunday—9:00 am & 11:00 am

Reconciliation: Fri. 11:30am. Or by appointment








    All Faiths Food Pantry Donations

    Your non perishable food donations can still be brought and left in the Food Wagons in the vestibules of the Church.


    Pantry hours: Tues & Wed 11am to 2:45pm 


    From The Mc Devitt Challenge Results


    Made possible through the generosity of Bob and Kay McDevitt, life long supporters and friends of the Diocese of Syracuse, and St. John the Baptist/Holy Trinity Parish,  awarded a Diocesan McDevitt grant of $7500.00  to the Food Pantry.   We are grateful for their philanthropic spirit and Christian charity.


    If you would like to make a monetary donation


    please make checks payable to

    ***“All Faiths Food Pantry”***


















2nd Annual Saint Marianne Way

 Street Festival




2015 Mass Book


The Mass Book for 2015 is now open. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL IN REQUESTS. Intentions will be taken in the office during office hours or we will take requests over the phone. Again, do not mail in your requests. 

2014 Mass Book

The Mass Book for 2014 is closed. There are no Masses available for the remainder of this year.



 You may visit the rectory during office hours; Monday—Thursday 9:00AM-4:30PM or Friday 9:00AM –2:30PM. You may also call the rectory if you are unable to come in person. All intentions are $10.00. You may also request the Sanctuary Lamp for the week, $10.00.








Parish Life Group



Your Parish Life Group is looking for new members and volunteers. Primary purpose is to plan and schedule a Parish monthly event for the coming year. The main purpose is to bring our Parish Families together socially. We generally meet once a month, depending on the activity scheduled. The yearly activities will be posted on the Church bulletin boards. It’s a little work at times but the outcome is worthwhile. We would also like to help provide our Bereavement Ministry Group with additional volunteers. Their purpose is to offer a light breakfast or luncheon after parish family funerals. If you have any interest or questions please contact the rectory 478-0916, attention Mary Olmsted or contact her directly at 200-9286.











Image result for image of november 8th on the calendar


Looking Ahead


The International Food Festival is Saturday, November 8 beginning at Noon. If you would like to participate as a “CHEF” call the rectory during business hours, 478-0916 for information.


Again this year we are asking for “Themed Baskets” for raffles, your delicious “Baked Goods” and if you would like to share with us a favorite family recipe “Chefs”. Your thoughtful donations of themed baskets can be dropped off at the rectory at anytime prior to the festival. If you are unable to deliver it we will make arrangements to pick it up. Mark your calendars and join us Saturday, November 8 for what is always a Good Time! Call the rectory for information on becoming a chef.








(details when available)














APRIL: 11TH & 12TH


MAY:  16TH & 17TH


Peace and joy in the Lord,


Keith Cieplicki

Jail Ministry Coordinator,

Brady Bread Coordinator



Brady Bread

Saturday, October 25 and Sunday, October 26

Loaves of bread will be in the front (Park Street) and parking lot entrances of the Church.

Sales of Brady Bread support the programs of Brady Faith Center, the Catholic Mission serving Southwest Syracuse. Your $3.00 donation per loaf goes directly to two of Brady’s programs serving those in need, Jail Ministry and Pedal to Possibilities.

Jail Ministry - works with inmates and their families at the Onondaga County Justice Center. Our goal is to share God’s unconditional love with each individual. We provide a wide variety of services: Daily inmate visits (5,000 per year to inmates), Phone calls to help inmates stay connected to loved ones and others (20,000 per year), Low Cash Bail for over 150 individuals held on non-violent, misdemeanor charges, Sunday Mass weekly (2,000 inmates attend per year), Free Child Care for visitors during visitation hours, Bibles, Rosaries and Socks given to inmates annually (over 3,000), etc.

Pedal to Possibilities - is a bicycle riding program for homeless people. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday year round form 9:00-10:00AM members meet at the Brady Faith Center on South Avenue for a 7-10 mile ride around town. After 10 rides, participants are given a bike, helmet and lock to keep as their own, providing them with transportation, exercise and most especially, a wonderful community!


 The Sanctuary Lamp
burns continuously.
      You may request

    that it burn in memory of

      your loved one.  





The Sanctuary Lamp

Will burn in memory of

The Mancuso and Campese Families

Requested by










 Always keep in prayer all servicemen and women. From our parish:



Homeless Project - Part 2


Homeless Project II

We will be collecting hats, gloves and socks for the homeless of our area the month of October. NO CLOTHING please. May we kindly ask that your donations be neutral in colors and sizes. A donation box will be located in the Park Street vestibule.


 You may Mary Olmsted at 200-9286, or call the rectory at 478-0916.  Thank you!


SJB/HT Bus Trip To Branson Missouri

For information call Gloria Mastriano at 457-4534

October 5-11; 7 days, 6 nights $725.00 per person with double occupancy. Includes transportation, accommodations, 6 breakfasts, lunch, 4 dinners, 7 shows, guided tours, winery, all taxes and meal gratuities, plus driver’s gratuity







polling place locator
Next Elections



Tuesday, November 4, 2014


6am to 9pm


When you feel you’re “drowning”

in life’s situations, don’t worry.





Snow Birds

A friendly reminder, as you are making your plans to leave for warmer climates, please add the SJB/HT rectory to your list in letting us know to cancel your contribution envelopes until you return. Otherwise your packet of envelopes will be returned to this office for postage due. Let us know when you are leaving and are expected to return. Thank you and safe travels.


Fundraiser To Help Local Children

Local High School Boys In Need

Parishioner, Mary Barraco, will be selling TOPS gift certificates to help raise money to support underprivileged local kids play travel soccer. Gift certificates will be sold after all Masses on Saturday, October 11 and Sunday, October 12 in the vestibule (Park Street entrance) of the Church. She is part of Liverpool Soccer, which is a not for profit organization. Currently there are 6 Somalia refugees that go to Nottingham and Corcoran in need of assistance. Gift certificates sell at face value in any denomination from $5.00 to $25.00.

Kindly consider helping this group of local kids to achieve their wish to be a part of the travel soccer team.

Help make a positive happen!











Fri. Oct. 31           Group 2 Altar Cleaning

Fri. Nov. 7             Group 3 Altar Cleaning

Fri. Nov. 14           Group 4 Altar Cleaning

Fri. Nov. 21           Group 1 Altar Cleaning

Fri. Nov. 28           Group 2 Altar Cleaning

Sun. Nov. 2           Word Service for all departed

                                    6:00PM in Church

Mon. Nov. 3          Parish Council Meeting

                                     7:00PM SJB/HT Parish Center

Tues. Nov. 4Election Day

Sat. Nov. 8International Food Festival

                                      12:00-7:00PM SJB/HT Parish Center

Thurs. Nov. 13Parish Life Committee Meeting

                                      7:00PM SJB/HT Parish Center

Thurs. Nov. 20TNT Neighborhood Watch Meeting

                                      7:00PM SJB/HT Parish Center

Sat. Nov. 22BUNKO 6:00PM SJB/HT Parish Center

Thurs. Nov. 28Thanksgiving Day






  Diocese of Syracuse


This week's

 In the Spotlight

St. Ann's Church, Manlius



Breast Cancer Awareness Month








Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), also referred to in America as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.


NBCAM was founded in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries (now part of AstraZeneca, producer of several anti-breast cancer drugs). The aim of the NBCAM from the start has been to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.


In 1993 Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estée Lauder Companies founded The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and established the pink ribbon as its symbol, though this was not the first time the ribbon was used to symbolize breast cancer. In the fall of 1991, the Susan G. Komen Foundation had handed out pink ribbons to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors.